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CMED Management Group | 196 Parkway South, Suite 304 | Waterford, CT 06385 | 1.866.471.2633
Who we are
CMED Management Group, LLC provides physicians with Practice Management and Medical Billing services ranging from complete solutions to short term problem solving. Our services help physicians gain peace of mind by ensuring that they have the financial and operational guidance, to maintain steady cash flows. This allows them to focus on patient care, new services, and further practice development.

CMED was created in 2000, in response to several community-based physicians who sought to obtain the expertise of our founder, Dinesh Govil; his successes as the practice manager of a large oncology practice were well known. Today CMED provides services to numerous clients, across many specialties.
Message from the Founder
CMED Management Group | 196 Parkway South, Suite 304 | Waterford, CT 06385 | 1.866.471.2633
What we do
CMED provides physicians with the full variety of medical billing and practice management services. Our experienced staff and superior technology allows us to get your claims submitted properly and paid faster. Furthermore, leveraging CMED’s Practice Management services, the rest of your practice will operate at peak efficiency as well. Our Medical Billing services and Practice Management services can exist separately as needed, or work in conjunction with one another for a complete solution.
Practice Management


CMED Practice Management services allow your existing office management team to delegate vitally important functions of the practice to an experienced team so that they can free up their time and resources necessary to focus on improving patient care and collections, deliver new services that grow the practice, and implement EMR/EHR technologies required by law.

Additionally, our financial experts can setup a monthly forecast, budget and analyze your overhead costs to create a financial view of your business that is updated regularly and will allow you to make smart decisions based on real cash flow.

All services are available individually as needed. Call us to learn more.
Practice Management


Outsourcing is not for everyone. Sometimes you just need expert advice on how to deal with certain issues, identify problems in your Accounts Receivable, and provide solutions on how to fix those solutions. We have been managing medical billing for over 15 years, and have that expertise. Our services are able to analyze where problems exist, streamline operations, as well as identify underperformance or understaffing. These services are designed to support your staff, not replace them.

Our Results speak for themselves:
Average Insurance Claim paid within 10-20 days of acceptance.
Average Patient Statement paid within 30-60 days of statement.

Practice Management


CMED provides complete medical billing solutions that take claims from start to finish.

Our services stand above other firms because of the level of detail and attention with which we analyze claims. Prior to submission, we identify potential denials using our propriety, customized rule set based on your practice’s procedures and specialty. Our goal is to ensure claims are paid on first submission. We have made investments in both hardware and software to streamline submission of charges from form-based electronic encounter software, EMR/EHR system, or scanned paper encounters. We provide clear access to patient balances for your staff, as well as payment plan and collections management. Most importantly you will always have access to real people, here in the USA, who provide a personal customer experience.

OncologyPodiatryOpthalmologyCardiologyOther Specialties
CMED Management Group | 196 Parkway South, Suite 304 | Waterford, CT 06385 | 1.866.471.2633
How we do
CMED’s comprehensive approach utilizes the best people, technology, and workflows to ensure accurate, efficient operations. Our employees have extensive medical billing experience, and follow engineered workflows. This combination allows CMED to always submit clean claims.
Realizing that the needs of all specialties are different, CMED Management Group is organized into specialty-specific departments. These departments are able to focus on the specific unique issues that each specialty faces. By having a dedicated team of account representatives experienced in your specialty, we are able to proactively inform you of upcoming changes with insurance companies.

Because our account representatives are specialty specific, CMED is extremely efficient in screening your charges to eliminate filing errors. This screening process allows us to get paid on claims by carriers within 10 to 20 days of receipt. Our screening process will substantially increase the cash flow and profitability of your practice.

Along with a team of dedicated account representatives, each specialty department has a management team ready to assist you with all aspects of practice management. From Human Resource Services to Marketing and Strategic Development, CMED is there to help your practice grow.

CMED also uses the best software. We host and support SequelMED EMR systems, as well as other specialty-specific systems like OncoEMR. We use QuickBooks for financial tracking and reporting.

Our Practice management team consists of highly qualified individuals (MBAs), well familiar with all aspect of medical practice along with different type of business experience.
CMED Management Group | 196 Parkway South, Suite 304 | Waterford, CT 06385 | 1.866.471.2633

Practice Management Services

Increased revenue through manpower and workflow management by 10-20%

Decreased practice debts between $200,000 – $700,000 within 12 months through cash flow management, purchasing and budgeting leading to increased profit distributions.

Physician Credentialing completed with the quickest processing times available allowing for faster reimbursement for new providers.

Billing Services

92% of claims are generally paid in 10-20 days of receipt by carriers.

95% of claims are generally paid in 30-60 days by patients

Our average client sees revenues increase by 10-35% in the first year.

Our average client is able to offer new services, hire more providers and expand their business while remaining financially stable.

Support for Medical Billing

Teams we have worked with are able to completely catch up on all charges, reduce AR by over 50%, and improve collections to 25-35 days in AR.

Top Five reasons to outsource to CMED

  1. Your overall payments will increase, while your costs will decrease.

  2. You will feel secure in your business, and your cash flow.

  3. You will have more time to focus on practice growth, increase services offered, and more time to spend with your family.

  4. You will have experts working with you to ensure the direction of your business meets your goals and providing you with financial and cash flow analysis so you can make sound decisions.

  5. You will find yourself spending less time on time consuming areas of your business that do not grow the business such as: credentialing, paying bills, calculating and reporting payroll, managing benefits.

CMED Management Group | 196 Parkway South, Suite 304 | Waterford, CT 06385 | 1.866.471.2633
Dinesh Govil

Dinesh C. Govil

Founder & Chief Financial Officer
Dinesh founded CMED in summer of 2000 after working for many years as the Practice Manager for New London Cancer Center. Dinesh brings over 30 years’ experience and knowledge to CMED in multiple areas of expertise. His skills and background include: business administration, finance, process engineering, and marketing, all of which are very instrumental in shaping CMED to meet the challenges of 21st century. Currently Dinesh manages company finances and provides practice management services to various clients including invoice management, cash flow analysis, drug purchasing, banking management, and billing guidance to clients with in-house billing.

Dinesh holds multiple degrees including a Bachelors of Science in Process Engineering, Masters in Healthcare Management, Masters of Computer science, and a MBA in Finance.
Chris Govil

Christopher A. Govil

Chief Executive Officer
Chris joined CMED in 2003 and has over 10 years of medical billing and practice management experience. Prior to joining CMED, he worked in the San Francisco Bay area as a technology consultant specializing in the needs of small businesses. Chris currently is the CEO of CMED and responsible for the strategic vision of the company, general operations, leadership, account management and marketing.

Chris holds a B.A in economics from Brown University and a MBA in management from University of New Haven. In his free time he enjoys cooking, finance, tech gadgets, fishing, traveling, training the family dog, and spending time with his family.
David Söderberg

David Söderberg

Quality Assurance Specialist
David has 10+ years’ experience in Medical Billing and supports CMED’s Quality Assurance program. His expertise is in the design & implementation of software for acquisition & transformation of business data related to patient care & client revenue. These apps provide CMED’s clients acquisition of higher revenue, lower purchasing costs, and the ability to perform due diligence. His IT experience enables him to implement change based on business rules in a continuously changing business environment. David also provides marketing support for CMED clients with an outstanding eye for ad composition & layout, and a good sense of what makes excellent advertising copy in the medical practice industry.

Prior to CMED, David worked in a wide array of industries as software developer. David holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Hartford College of Engineering & Master of Science Degree in Information Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He also attended seminars throughout his career related to business process improvement.
Jessica Nutt

Jessica Nutt

Training and EDI Billing Systems Supervisor
Jessica has been a member of CMED Since 2006 after graduating from Ridley Lowell as a Certified Medical Biller and Coder. She started as an intern and quickly transitioned to Billing Specialist and then again to EDI Billing Systems and Training

Her specialties include: training new hires in CMED's current billing system and current employees in new tasks, troubleshooting specialty accounts, and overseeing EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Systems which includes claim audits, claim submission to multiple insurances and setup of new insurances into the billing system. Jessica’s work with EDI and her consistent streamlining of this process allows CMED to maximize efficiencies with transmission of claims and receipt of payment, while ensuring the highest quality for clients.

Our Team

Medical Billing and Practice Management Specialist Team
Our Team
Our Team of Specialists includes business administrators, practice managers, billing staff, quality assurance team, and client coordinators. They are highly skilled at assessing and managing change, and take great care to ensure that customers receive a personal, thoughtful and thorough attention for services we provide.
CMED Management Group | 196 Parkway South, Suite 304 | Waterford, CT 06385 | 1.866.471.2633

Stephen Lattanzi, M.D.
New London Cancer Center


“In today’s world of Medical Oncology and Hematology our practice has grown due to the excellent billing and practice management provided by the CMED Group. CMED was the first billing group in the country to report problems with Consolidated Billing for Medicare Beneficiaries in Skilled Nursing Facilities. Their timely intervention and subsequent follow up stopped the loss of revenue. They also were the only group that managed to get monies reimbursed from SNF.

Not only is CMED good at intervention where it counts, but they are also good in raising the awareness of unusual circumstances which impact profitability. For example, recent cancer cuts under the Medicare Prescription Bill went into effect. CMED in its usual proactive stance had calculated the impact on oncology practices before others could find the changes themselves.

Due to their diligent efforts, we gained greater awareness of drug reimbursement and how to adjust for the changes. Consequently, we are able to treat all of our patients in our office.

CMED has been our true business partner in the practice of Medical Oncology & Hematology. They are always there when we need them, advising and assisting in clinical matters of financial importance.”

George Sprecace, M.D.
Allergy Associates of New London


“My medical practice, Allergy Associates of New London, PC, has been a client of CMED since mid-June, 2003. From the time of transition from our office-based manual billing procedure, and through 1 month of comprehensive billing services, the availability, attention, and expertise shown on our behalf has been exemplary. Not even the obscure manifestations of HIPAA this fall could change the tempo of these services. We recommend CMED without reservation.”

Jeffrey M. Kierstein, DPM /FACFAS –
Dr. Kierstein & DiFrancesca DPM, PC


“With CMED, I do not have to worry about whether my claims are being filed and followed up properly. CMED has been extremely proactive in discussing my practices accounts receivable with me. Whether it is at our quarterly meetings or a call for a claim follow up, CMED is always available to discuss any billing issues we may have.”

“The cost of outsourcing is worth the peace of mind you have in knowing that you have a partner that will not only will improve your cash flow and finances but will also be there to help your practice grow. Since we began outsourcing our billing to CMED, my practice has been able to reduce its overhead tremendously. CMED has helped us restructure our business model and operate more efficiently. Our cash flow is now quicker and more predictable. The confidence in knowing that my billing and practice administration is being handled properly allows me to devote more of my time to patient care.”

CMED Management Group | 196 Parkway South, Suite 304 | Waterford, CT 06385 | 1.866.471.2633
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Phone (866) 471-CMED (2633)

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CMED Management Group
196 Parkway South, Suite 304
Waterford, CT 06385
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